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Camp NanoWriMo!

Has anyone out there tried the NanoWriMo adventure in November? The time when you just write and write because you desperately believe you can create a novel.

I tinkered with the idea of taking to this writing road for a few years and finally this past November took the leap away from doubt and towards belief and started writing a story. I woke in the early morning hours, wrote, got ready for my library job, went to work, came home and started writing all over again. What I discovered in the process was that I began to take on the life of my characters because I had to get out of my head and into theirs to know how to move the tale along. It was the best writing course I could have ever signed up for. At the end of the month I had written 50,000 words and had a rough draft. I loved every day. I loved what I was doing.

How does all this fit with libraries and librarians? Part of my job is to promote reading and writing with my students. Part of my job is to book talk and highlight novels and authors. Part of my job is to be a storyteller and make characters jump off the page. Part of my job is to help students craft essays based on research.  I need to put pencil in hand just like they do.

By the way, Camp NanoWriMo is starting July 1st and that’s tomorrow! I am onboard again. What about you?


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