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In a little place of angels

To discover one day, one group of people, one hundred and fifty nine years ago, to make it real, I have a basement apartment in the Ohio heartland with 26 library books from around the country, a dropbox folder stuffed with internet ebooks and academic journals, and a weary brain. I have discovered American actors, Johnny Appleseed of American theater, an actress Antipodean, a passionate actor-gunslinger to his death, New York, Philadelphia and Boston stage royalty, renamed Irish immigrants with hope, hustlers of the past who have moved us forward, believing in dreams, congregating in a mother lode town, a little place of angels, over a hundred miles from the San Francisco Bay, ready to put on Hamlet. ┬áThe curtain rises only by the power of historical preservation, libraries, the wonder of wires and glorious imagination–however it all works!


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